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Friday Evening Reception

Friday Whisky & Gin Reception 

18:30 to 22:00

After your return from your excursion in Edinburgh, we will have a standing dinner reception in Assembly Rooms. After dinner, we will have a Scotch whisky and Gin tasting event.

The whisky tasting will be hosted by the Scotch Whisky Experience:

With 34 years of experience in telling the story of Scotch whisky and voted Best Attraction UK & Ireland 2021, The Scotch Whisky Experience is expert in helping guests discover Scotch in a fun and engaging way, wherever you are on your journey, from novice to connoisseur.  Representing the whole world of Scotch whisky from its culture, history and heritage to production, nosing and tasting, be ready to meet unusual derivations of well-loved brands and unknown hidden gems.  Our tasting will include 5 different styles of whisky, representing the Scottish Lowlands, Highlands, Islands and Campbeltown Peninsula and the Speyside regions. Details about the tasting profiles of the whiskies for the tastings are found on

Scotch Whisky Tasting

The tasting will put you on a journey through the five regions in Scotland where single malt whiskies are produced, all with distinct characteristics.

Campbeltown Peninsula

@photos: Tobias Schwarz

Glen Scotia Double Cask

This whisky is matured first in Bourbon cask before being finished for 12 months in PX sherry casks, giving this whisky a distinct fruity aroma but also some maritime influences. More information and detailed tasting notes can be found at:


@photos: Tobias Schwarz

Glenkinchie 12-Year-Old

This is whisky is made on the outskirts of Edinburgh and is a classic example of a Lowland whisky, which is light, floral with a creamy taste. More information and tasting notes can be found at:


@photos: Tobias Schwarz

Glencadam 10-Year-Old

This whisky is an excellent example of a Highland whisky, with a floral, fruity, and citrus character. More information and tasting notes can be found at:


@photos: Tobias Schwarz

GlenAllachie 12-Year-Old

This Speyside whisky from an independent, Scottish owned whisky company ticks all the boxes for lovers of sherry cask whisky, with its Mahogany colour, and rich flavours reminiscent of raisins, cinnamon, and orange zest.
More information and tasting notes can be found at:


@photos: Tobias Schwarz

Ardbeg 10-Year-Old

The island of Islay produces some distinct whiskies, for which this whisky is an exceptional example. It is intensively smoky, salty, with hints of iodine, black pepper, and coffee. In your tasting, we recommend tasting this whisky as the last one, as the smoky character tends to linger on the tongue and dominate other flavours.
More information and tasting notes can be found at:

You can find more details on the Scotch Whisky Experience on the website:

The gin tasting will be hosted by the Secret Garden Distillery:

Our Founder, Hamish, can always be found in our gardens. The Secret Garden Distillery is nestled at the foot of the Pentland Hills on the outskirts of Edinburgh within the grounds of The Secret Herb Garden. You won't find a garden quite like ours - it truly is a wild oasis!

Nature is at the heart of everything we do, from the way we grow and hand harvest our botanicals to the way our gins are packaged. Our botanicals are hand-harvested to ensure the highest quality ingredients. We also always leave a percentage of plants unharvested to allow our 11 colonies of bees to have their fill too. 

We blend our base gin of Juniper, Coriander, Winter Savory and Angelica Root with our very own botanicals. The colour of our gin is from a natural petal infusion which also helps to intensify the flavour. We use no artificial colours, flavours or sugars…just nature distilled. We distil to 39% ABV as we feel this is best for the floral flavours to harmonise with the gin. You can find more information on this website:

Slàinte Mhath (Good Health)