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Poster boards

As a novelty for EVDI, this year’s poster presentation will be fully digital.  In the exhibition area, there is a space with 4 digital poster boards where all posters can be viewed with a touch-based menu.

Digital Poster Board A

  • Renal carcinoma needle tract seeding in two dogs – M. Fumeo
  • Cranial cruciate ligament avulsion due to osteochondrosis dissecans of the stifle joint in a golden retriever dog – C. Chernev
  • Radiographic evaluation of feline abdominal organs in different radiographic projections – S. Morabito
  • CT imaging reveals involution of severe prostatic changes in dogs with perineal hernia three months after castration – T. Åhlberg
  • Canine jugular foramen syndrome due to intra-cranial lesions of the glossopharyngeal, vagus and accessory nerve roots diagnosed with computed tomography – B. Lluesma Conejos
  • Magnetic resonance imaging and histopathological features of a butterfly glioblastoma in a two-year old dog – Y.L. Tan
  • A case of suspected forebrain glioma with spinal cord drop metastasis, successfully treated with radiation therapy – A. Lane
  • Feasibility of standing robotics-controlled cone beam computed tomography of the distal tarsal and proximal metatarsal area – Z. Joostens
  • Ultrasound recognition of early, middle and late stages of gracilis myopathy – L. Magurno
  • Anatomical position variants of the canine pancreas assessed by computed tomography – M. Fumeo
  • Computed tomographic features of transcaval ureter in one dog and three cats – C. Spediacci
  • Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the distal metacarpus or metatarsus in thoroughbred racehorses with and without catastrophic fractures – C. Hewitt-Dedman
  • Venous intravasation of contrast medium during retrograde urethrography in a dog with urethral stricture and urethritis – J. Ficheroulle
  • Computed tomographic assessment of radio-ulnar incongruity (rui) in a population of growing german shepherd dogs – M. Fumeo
  • 7T MRI of the equine cadaver foot: preliminary results of potential sequences evaluating morphology – M. Magnusson

Digital Poster Board B

  • T2 mapping of cartilage in the equine distal interphalangeal joint using 0.27 t and 3.0 t MRI – M. Baker
  • Computed tomographic appearance of gastropexy sites in 22 dogs – J. Einwaller
  • MRI and CT imaging features of a melanocytic tumour affecting the cervical vertebra in an adult dog – E.E. Michaelidou
  • Correlation of magnetic resonance cholangiography with fluoroscopic retrograde cholangiography and corrosion casting in dogs– a post-mortem pilot study – V. Rahmani
  • Ultrasonographic features of acute erosive hemorrhagic gastritis due to ingestion of pine processionary in a dog – N. Vallés
  • Histological characterization of the proximal suspensory enthesis in the normal equine hindlimb – Z. Joostens
  • Accuracy of computed tomography attenuation values in the characterization of ascites in dogs – a preliminary study – S. Fiegna
  • Ultrasonographic measurement of adrenal gland-to-aorta ratio as a method of estimating adrenal size in yorkshire terriers – R. Remolina
  • Talus metastases of a primary pulmonary neoplasia in a cat – M. Fumeo
  • How is bone mineral density related to ultra-short echo time MRI-derived bone porosity index in the thoroughbred metacarpal condyle? – C.R. Daniel
  • Imaging findings in a cat with an intracranial abscess secondary to a temporomandibular joint penetrating wound – N. Aguilar
  • Computed tomography (CT) zygomatic salivary gland anatomy in brachycephalic dogs – J. Verdés
  • Role of CT in the staging of colorectal tumors in dogs: a preliminary study – S. Perfetti
  • Computed tomography of hyperattenuating bone marrow lesions in the femurs of dogs and cats – C. Artiles

Digital Poster Board C

  • Intrahepatic portal gas associated with a foreign body obstruction in a 9 months old cocker spaniel – C. Glavan
  • Assessment of survey radiography as a method for diagnosis of bilateral laryngeal paralysis in dogs – E. Gomes
  • Imaging findings in a cat with a pulmonary thromboembolism and concomitant fludt and pyothorax – N. Aguilar-Gallego
  • Radiographic pulmonary vasculature dimensions in drug naive and medically managed dogs with left heart failure from chronic mitral valve insufficiency – E. Huguet
  • Imaging diagnosis: medial osteochondral fragmentation of the glenoid cavity in a miniature donkey: a novel finding – B. Drumond
  • Experimental assessment of imaging measurements to diagnose atlantoaxial instability on computed tomography images – D. Flueckiger
  • Abdominal ultrasonographic evaluation of the urinary tract, adrenals, spleen, hepatobiliary and gastrointestinal tract in juvenile eastern grey kangaroos (macropus giganteus) – W. Barkman
  • Kinematic magnetic resonance imaging (k-MRI) for studying the kinematics of the spine and joints in dogs: preliminary study on cadavers – M. Vignoli
  • MRI signal void in degenerated canine intervertebral disks may represent calcification or gas – Y. Vali
  • CT evaluation of retrobulbar filling for entropion resolution in dogs: a preliminary cadaveric study – D. Costanza
  • Evaluation of liver stiffness in a population of normal dogs in a clinical setting: intraobserver reliability – M. Toom
  • Study on extemporary cytological examination from image-guided biopsy – M. Vignoli
  • MRI findings in a donkey with a diffuse astrocytoma – P. Barge
  • CT appearance of canine hepatic alveolar echinococcosis – A. Grimm
  • Circumflex retroesophageal left aortic arch and right descending aorta: a new vascular ring anomaly in a dog – R. Rossi

Digital Poster Board D

  • Imaging findings and progression of congenital intrahepatic bile duct ectasia (caroli’s disease) in 2 cats from the same litter – C. Glavan
  • Imaging diagnosis - spontaneous duodenobiliary reflux in dog – R.C. Purdoiu
  • Prevalence of lung atelectasis in sedated dogs examined with computed tomography – E. Reimegård
  • Obstructive hydrocephalus in a five-year-old german shepherd dog with pseudomonas aeruginosa ventriculitis – N. Goody
  • Magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, and histopathological features of a suspected cervical spinal fibrous hamartoma in a young dog – N. Israeliantz
  • The ATP11B knockout rat as a model of cerebral small vessel disease (svd) – T. Procter
  • Imaging findings in a guinea pig with hydronephrosis and bilateral hydroureters associated with kidney, ureteral, bladder and urethral calculi – A. Garcia Fernandez
  • Sentinel lymph node mapping with indirect lymphography for canine mast cell tumor – A. De Bonis
  • Accuracy of the modified vertebral heart score and the cardio-vertebral ratio for radiographic evaluation of cardiomegaly in ferrets – P.O. Godart
  • Field-based radiography and ultrasonography of emys orbicularis – B. Amphimaque
  • Comparison of manufacturer-prescribed and patient-centric CT-table heights for computed tomographic bone mineral density assessment – R. Rossi
  • Multi-phase multidetector-row computed tomographic features and laboratory findings in dogs with gallbladder rupture – G. Bertolini
  • Computed tomography appearance of the normal thymus in dogs: a descriptive and anatomical study – C. Puccinelli  

The posters can be viewed at the digital poster boards during the entire congress.  In addition, there will be allocated times, where you can meet the poster authors. 

Thursday 16.00-16.30 Afternoon Coffee Break: Neuroimaging & Musculoskeletal Imaging

Friday 10.30-11.00 Morning Coffee Break: Abdominal Imaging

Saturday 10.30-11.00 Morning Coffee Break: Equine & Exotic Imaging

Saturday 13.00-13.30 Lunch Break: Abdominal & Thoracic Imaging

Saturday 13.30-14.00 Lunch Break: Mixed Imaging Topics