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The European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging® (ECVDI®) is an organisation whose goals are to advance veterinary diagnostic imaging in Europe and increase the competence of those who practise in this field.

The college establishes guidelines for post-graduate education and experience prerequisite for becoming a specialist in veterinary diagnostic imaging, and also examines and certifies veterinarians as specialists in veterinary diagnostic imaging to serve the veterinary profession and the public in general.

The ECVDI® membership consists of Diplomates, Associate Members, Honorary Members, and Retired Members. There are currently 269 practicing Diplomates, 25 Associate Members, 5 Honorary Members. There are also 111 residents active in the College.

ECVDI Executive Committee
Christopher Warren-SmithPresident
Susanne Boroffka, Vice-President
Veerle VolckaertSecretary 
Alison King, Treasurer
Andrew ParryPast President
Ian JonesMember at large
Paul BarthezMember at large

Chee Kin Lim, Chair Credential Committee
Jennifer Kinns, Director Examination Committee
Elke Van der Vekens, Chair Education Committee
Randi Drees, Chair Radiation Oncology Education and Credential Committee (ROECC)
Alison MajorConference Director