Frederik Pauwels

Frederik Pauwels, DVM, DACVS, DECVDI

Frederik is a 1994 graduate of Gent University and has lived and worked in The United Kingdom, Ireland, The United States, New Zealand, Belgium and Switzerland. After Internship at the RVC, referral practice, and ACVS Equine Surgery residency, he became an ACVS Diplomate in 2005. Fred moved then to New Zealand, where he was a Senior Lecturer in Equine Surgery at Massey University for 8 years. Frederik then completed an ECVDI-LA  residency in Juli 2016 at Massey University, and Gent University. Frederik then worked as a Radiologist at Bern University, passing the ECVDI examination in 2017. Now back in New Zealand, he is combining a Senior Lectureship at University of Queensland with providing teleradiology and clinical services.
Fred had as a surgeon a very active interest in equine CT.  Now as a radiologist, he has the ability to work with and research different CT applications for standing standing distal extremity CT examinations. In his lecture he will provide an objective technical and clinical review of the different options currently or in the near future on the market. He will share his experiences using one of the available systems and hopes to provide a candid insight into the opportunities and difficulties in standing equine distal extremity CT examinations.