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Thursday 17 September 2020:

All times are in: BST (British Summer Time)

14.00-14.15: Introduction

14.15-14.30: Radiographic and computed tomographic findings in three dogs with pulmonary interstitial emphysema unrelated to general anaesthesia | M. Frau
14.30-14.45: Computed tomographic appearance of sialoceles in dogs | S. Oetelaar
14.45-15.00: CT may be helpful in discriminating grass awn-associated rhinitis from non-foreign body rhinitis in dogs | F. Lafuma 
15.00-15.15: A simplified and accurate CT-volumetry method for the canine liver | N. Israeliantz 
15.15-15.30: Comparison of computed tomographic features of 79 cats with intranasal mass lesions | S. Bouyssou 
15.30-15.45: Machine learning for triage and prioritised reporting of dorsoventral canine thoracic radiographs | W.J.E. Humphreys 

15.45-16.00: Break

16.00-16.15: Ultrasonographic appearance of confirmed cholecystitis in dogs | R. Constantinescu
16.15-16.30: Prevalence of ultrasonographic gallbladder wall thickening in dogs with hypoalbuminaemia | M. Murakami
16.30-16.45: Ultrasonographic evaluation of adrenal gland thickness in healthy cats | L. Pérez-López
16.45-17.00: Correlation between renal Doppler sonography in dogs with chronic kidney disease | R. Constantinescu

17.00-17.45: Small Animal Keynote Lecture: An Update on Esophageal Imaging | Rachel Pollard 

Friday 18 September 2020:

All times are in: BST (British Summer Time)

09.00-09.30: Large Animal Keynote Lecture: Computed tomography and CT myelography of the equine neck | Jonathon Dixon

09.30-09.45: Comparison of three MRI quantitative sequences and two drawing approaches for assessment of lumbar degenerative disc degeneration in an ovine model | N. Bouhsina 
09.45-10.00: Radiographic features of equine vertebral neoplasia | G. Manso-Díaz 
10.00-10.15: Inter- and intra-observer agreement and reliability of grading thoracolumbar spinous processes in horses without back pain on pre-purchase radiographs | M.G.P. Looijen
10.15-10.30: Digital Tomosynthesis: Technical set-up and clinical application in the equine head | G. Manso-Díaz

10.30-11:00: Break

11.00-11.15: Positive contrast magnetic resonance and computed tomography bursography for evaluation of navicular burse adhesions: preliminary study | C. Spediacci
11.15-11.30: Effect of forelimb conformation and foot imbalance on the collateral ligaments of the equine distal interphalangeal joint | A.E. Giavitto
11.30-11.45: Computed tomographic and histopathological characteristics of 13 equine and 10 feline oral and sinonasal squamous cell carcinomas | C. Strohmayer
11.45-12.00: Evaluation of shear wave elastography to assess canine lens stiffness in aging subjects and in case of cataract | F. Del Signore

12.00-12.45: Lunch

12.45-13.30: Small Animal Keynote Lecture: How to Optimize Urological CT Studies | Tobias Schwarz

13.30-13.45: Accuracy of low-field MRI for differentiation intervertebral disc extrusions (IVDE) and protrusions (IVDP) at the lumbosacral disc space in dogs | H. Shing
13.45-14.00: Canine oligodendroglioma grading based on magnetic resonance imaging features | B. Amphimaque
14.00-14.15: Lymphoscintigraphy for sentinel lymph node detection: a modern approach for preoperative staging of canine malignant tumors | M. Manfredi

14.15-14.45: Break

14.45-16.00: Film reading session | Ilva Drumm & Yseult Baeumlin
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Film Reading Session