Congress venue:
Congress Center Basel, Messeplatz 21, 4058 Basel, Switzerland

Welcome to Basel, the cultural heart of Switzerland, located on both sides of the Rhine and on the three countries corner of Switzerland, Germany and France!

Between tradition and modernity
In Basel you’ll travel through all the eras of time: in hardly any other city do 15th century buildings complement internationally renowned modern architecture to create such a dynamic yet harmonious cityscape. The narrow alleyways and hidden squares with over 180 fountains as well as the many century-old buildings and eyecatching sights such as the City Hall or the Cathedral combine to make Basel’s Old Town one of the most beautiful and intact of its kind in Europe.

40 Museums from historical to contemporary Nearly 40 museums with world renowned exhibitions – this is unique in Switzerland and top class by international standards. With various themed areas, our museums offer something for every taste, and some have even written history. For example, the Museum für Gegenwartskunst was the first of its kind. And the Kunstmuseum Basel is regarded as one of the oldest public art collections in the world.

Architectural eye catchers
Basel is not only home to the architectural duo Herzog & de Meuron. Besides 15th century buildings there are numerous key contemporary works – and the number is continuously increasing. Basel’s importance in the world of architecture can be seen in the fact that around one third of the Pritzker Prize holders has built here. At the same time, the city is a creative hotbed for young designers. Read more

Getting there
You can fly to Basel’s EuroAirport or nearby Zurich Airport from all European cities and from over 200 other destinations in the world.

Basel is a central transport hub for Europe and offers excellent connections from its three main stations: the Swiss Railway Station SBB, the French Railway Station SNCF, and the German Badischer Bahnhof; all in the centre of the city.

As a guest of Basel hotels, you will receive a BaselCard with which you can enjoy free use of our efficient and extensive public transport network for the entire duration of your stay.


Small appliances of non-Swiss manufacture such as shavers and hairdryers often require a converter and plug adapter. However, many hotels provide a hairdryer. The standard domestic voltage is 230 volts.

The national currency is the Swiss franc (1 CHF = 100 centimes). Banknotes come in the denominations 1,000.-, 200.-, 100.-, 50.-, 20.-, and 10.-, while the coins in circulation are 5.-, 2.-, 1.-, -.50, .-20, .-10 as well as .-05. (Conversion: 1CHF = approx. 0.88€ as of 9 October 2018).

Means of payment
Everyday consumer goods and minor purchases are usually paid in cash. Other means of payment such as credit cards, Maestro cards or post office cards are also widely used. Cash can be withdrawn from automatic tellers at banks or post office branches.


Switzerland is located in the Central European Time Zone (CET), which is one hour ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

EU Citizens need a valid, recognized national ID or passport for entering Switzerland. Citizens of other countries are kindly requested to consult the website of the Federal Office for Migration.